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How are Australian apricot kernels different from those imported from overseas?

For a start, though imported apricot kernels may be "raw", this does not equate to living, unaltered or "100% natural". This is explained further below.

The varieties of apricot grown in Australia are different to those grown overseas. Each variety of apricot produces kernels with vastly different characteristics, which includes, size, shape, amygdalin content and flavour.

Additionally, the growing standards and processing methods are also very different. The processing methods most often employed in large-scale operations ultimately destroy the viability of the seed. The embryo, found at the very tip of the kernel, is the most delicate portion of the seed. The embryo determines a seed's health and viability.

Once the embryo is no longer viable, the seed enters a state of decomposition, nutrient deterioration and eventual rancidity. This is true of all nuts and seeds. The imported apricot kernels being sold have obvious characteristics that identify them as deteriorating seed.

If you wet the kernels and allow them to sit, you will notice the strong scent of marzipan. This indicates that a portion of the inherent amygdalin has already broken down. The scent of marzipan is due to the liberation of benzaldehyde. Likewise, the taste of the kernels may also be strongly characteristic of benzaldehyde, but lacking the strong bitterness of intact amygdalin. This doesn't happen with living, viable seed.

Perhaps the best indicator of a seed's health (or lack of) is its inability to sprout or grow. Stored properly, a seed can remain healthy and viable for several years. Its shelf-life is optimal and its susceptibility to rancidity is greatly reduced. A kernel that is released from its shell and exposed to open oxygen deteriorates through oxidation. There is no telling when an imported nut or seed was cracked or how long it has been oxidising. Despite this, its shelf-life is likely indicated from the time it was packed. This is wrong.

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Our apricot kernels will soon have a new look!

New Raw Apricot Kernels Label

Once new labelling decisions have been finalised by the regulators, any requirements and/or directions will be provided on the back of the resealable packets. This might include "debittering" directions, consumption warnings or product usage statements. Our packaging will remain clear and the product visible.

As many of you are aware, apricot kernels have had some attention over the past year.

We have agreed to relabel our product to reflect these concerns and warn against the potential for adverse reactions when raw apricot kernels are consumed.

Our product will, at least, temporarily be labeled as, 'Raw Apricot Kernels, for the preparation of body scrubs and oils'. The label will also include a warning to ensure that users are aware of the risks associated with the consumption of raw apricot seeds.

Over the coming months, there will be regulatory discussion about the future of apricot kernels and the legalities of their sale, the purpose of which will be to determine how and why apricot kernels are sold.

Rightly or wrongly, those selling apricot kernels in conjunction with information about their use as an alternative treatment for cancer are in breach of present regulations - codes for both food and therapeutic goods.

Retailers engaged in the sale of apricot kernels along-side cancer DVDs, books or other information (including websites that appear to be separate), selfishly put the future of apricot kernels at risk for everyone. This practise is against the law in Australia and it is simply a matter of time before these individuals are acted upon by the authorities. The ACCC, and other agencies, are well aware of the matter and precedent exists for action.

Final decisions on labelling requirements have yet to be made, but we're led to believe there will be regulations imposed on all suppliers that involve similar warnings to those we've posted. It is likely that apricot kernels will not be permitted for sale to the general public as a food in their raw state. However, they will remain available for cosmetic use, such as the preparation of body and facial scrubs and the pressing of oil. For further information or verification of these details, we suggest you contact FSANZ or the Department of Health directly.

Once final decisions and regulations have been determined, law permitting, our product will be offered as food with appropriate labelling and directions.

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Australian Apricot Kernels

Welcome to - the first online source of apricot kernels in Australia, and processors of Australian-grown apricot kernels exclusively.

Please Note: We're very busy at the moment and there may be short delays. Though we endeavour to send orders out the day they're received, they may go out a day later.

Despite being one of the largest producers of apricots in the world, most of the apricot kernels now available in Australia are imported. For an Australian supplier, there is only one reason to import apricot kernels from overseas - they're very cheap - however, they're also mass-produced and low grade. Relative to Australian apricot kernels, they are very low quality and subject to all AQIS quarantine measures. Though the cost and labour benefits are appealing, we will not sell foreign apricot kernels. This is a promise. Pay attention to the origin of your apricot kernels. It is against Australian law not to advise the country of origin for one's product. If you're purchasing apricot kernels through another source, look for a country of origin. If you can't find one, chances are good they're hoping you'll assume the product is Australian.

Our Money-Back Guarantee

Our product is the most sought after apricot kernel in Australia. It's been the product of choice for those knowledgeable about apricot kernels for 10 years. Though we endeavour to send all orders out the day they're received, your purchase is fulfilled with apricot kernels we've hand-sorted the same day. There may be occasions we simply haven't been able to keep up with orders. In this scenario, your order will be posted the day following purchase. This should still get your kernels to you within 3 days of purchasing.

Though our product is superior on every level, our prices will remain competitive and continue to represent unmatched value. If you've found apricot kernels at a lower price, they will be an inferior product of India, Turkey, Pakistan or China. It is entirely unnecessary to settle for these low quality imports for the sake of cost. We're committed to not only offering the highest quality product in Australia, but the lowest priced as well.

Alternatively, you can shop where the importers do and pay as little as $1.00 per kilo! - click here

We also welcome wholesale inquiries for our own product

How do we differ from these others? We work hard. We do our own labour and our kernels are exclusively Australian. We're a small-scale, family operation dedicated to the quality of our product and our service.
We process our apricot kernels entirely chemical-free. We don't even fumigate, so they remain free of chemical residues. They are raw, living and 100% natural, which makes them suited to sprouting and propagation. This is only possible with fresh, living seed. If you choose to purchase our product, you're buying directly from the source. Your order is freshly cracked this week, hand-sorted to the highest quality and packed fresh daily.

Please Note: Amygdalin, often referred to as "B17" or "vitamin B17", is present in different concentrations amongst different apricot kernels. An apricot kernel of one variety does not equal an apricot kernel of another. The apricot kernels sold in Australia have very different levels of amygdalin. Some have relatively low levels, where ours are very concentrated. Freshness plays a significant role, as does variety and origin. A number of these kernels are imported from other countries, such as India, Turkey, Pakistan and China. Our apricot kernels are Australian-grown with a new batch cracked weekly. As a result, our product is very fresh and contains a high concentration of amygdalin. This is significant and should be taken into consideration.

It is our responsibility to make you aware that FSANZ and the DOH advise against the consumption of raw, bitter apricot kernels from any source. If you're choosing to use them in this way, please bear in mind that not all apricot kernels are equal. Following general consumption advice may result in very different experiences.

Some retailers are marketing apricot kernels as a snack food. We strongly advise against treating them as such. Though the other apricot kernels contain relatively little amygdalin, treating them as a snack is likely to result in unpleasant reactions.

Beware Imported Apricot Kernels

Australian Flag This page is for Australian orders only. If outside of Australia, please email us for a postage quote to your country.

First Grade - What are first grade or "premium" kernels?
Apricot Kernels - shells removed x 1

1 kg
Raw Apricot Kernels

$30.00 +
Apricot Kernels - shells removed x 2

2 kg
Raw Apricot Kernels

$50.00 +

Apricot kernels - shells removed x 3 3 kg
Raw Apricot Kernels
$67.50 +

Seconds Grade - What are seconds grade apricot kernels?
Apricot Kernels - shells removed x 1

1 kg
Raw Apricot Kernels

$20.00 +
Apricot Kernels - shells removed x 2

2 kg
Raw Apricot Kernels

$35.00 +

Apricot kernels - shells removed x 3

3 kg
Raw Apricot Kernels

$45.00 +

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